Thursday, April 12, 2012

Check it out, some funny shit, I hate being a grown up.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This is a spring break story (spring break 2012 take your shirts OFF!) about clitting up.

I'm in FL, plenty of sun and salt water, visiting my gramma, classic orange gramma hair and questions about my smart phone (can it tell the time?). She used to own a parasailing business (!!!) and still works at one, so she asks if we'd like to go up for a ride (!!!).

Off we go, in a boat for 30 minutes, then getting strapped into harnesses attached to a giant parachute with a huge yellow face on it, grinning at all the bright red beach combers wading in the water below. The young tan man tells us to sit down and lets the rope out, and up we go: floating, suspended in the air 600 feet above the ocean. Its perfectly peaceful and quiet, and the view of the city is amazing. On the way down, they pull out the camera so I quickly show my gramma the clit up symbol, and she proudly does it next to me.

Spring break 2012 take your shirt off!