Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clit up. It can become an inspiration, a mantra, to get you to step out of your comfort level. This is a great thing, especially for women. It is important to push yourself. To clit up. However... sometimes.... you have to use your head over your clit. Especially when it comes to jumping over fires. IF you do decide to jump the fire, then by GOD, CLIT-UP and charge the motherfucker. But I will certainly think twice before I launch this clit over a fire.

From the NR moon 
What I learned from Baer over Spring Break 2012:

1. Tread lightly.
2. Just because there is a goalie doesn't mean you can't score.
3. Rolling a kayak with a beer in your hand is hard.
4. If you love something do it 300/360 days of the year.
5. Good mustaches need waxing and tender care.
6. Don't ever buy a Jackson kayak; other kayakers will loudly make fun of you for it in the parking lot.

and most importantly,